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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bored With Cookie Dough Fundraisers? What Product Does 80% Of All Parents Crave?

We can buy hot amd ready pizzas at Little Ceasars ourselves... and chicken cutlets and cookie dough at super grocery stores, if we choose. But there's something uniquely different about coffee, that has schools everywhere hurrying to take advantage of Organo Gold's 'The Coffee That Pays Schools' Fundraising opportunity (...along with R.O.T.C.'s, Little Leagues Teams, Churches...)

Something everybody wants anyway. Which is why our company earned $130 Million dollars in 2011 ~ Proof that marketing our delicious organic, healthy coffees, hot cocoas and teas is simple and easy.  Conveniently packaged as individual sachets,  we’re becoming quite the preferred "Fun"~raising alternative 80% of adults crave.  Our product sells itself and is consumed more than soft drinks, sodas and tea combined.   Plus, we pay a set $5.00 per unit.

This terrific fundraiser offers simple, seamless insertion, plus, your organization takes its earnings right off the top. Simply remit one cashiers check or money order to the assigned sales consultant who then orders and delivers product for you within 14 days. Schools everywhere are saying: "What a deliciously uncommon fundraiser. Something moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, church members... definitely want!"

We like to say, It's Simple, It's Easy, It's Coffee... cocoa and tea Everyday,  out of the 340 million North Americans, 255 million drink coffee 3 - 5 times without fail, to the tune of 500+  million cups.  Why wouldn't they want the delicious coffee, that's healthier, minus the jitters and loaded with the goodness of GanoDerma!  Contact your sales consultant, (T. Young - You will be emailed: 1.) Authorization letter  2.)  Letter to Parents/Members 3.) Fundraising order forms and 4.) School Flyer/Posters, within 24 hours.  Kindly reply ASAP with preferred start dates. Call Today: 810.310.6664 

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